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Retail Environments: The Latest Research On Showrooming

showrooming behavior in top retail stores

Here's the latest research on "showrooming" behavior – referring loosely to the practice of checking out a product in-store only to to buy it online at a lower price. How widespread is this practice? Which retailers are most at risk? Are retailers winning the battle or losing it? This article takes a look at some of the more interesting research highlights from Placed, the IAB, JiWire, and ClickIQ (Source: Marketing Charts).

Branded Environments: Why digital brands need an off-line presence.

digital brand image

Technology has forever altered the way we market brands.  We’re living in an era of deep customer engagement.   Today’s more empowered, critical, demanding, and price-sensitive customers are turning in ever-growing numbers to social networks, blogs, online review forums, and other channels to quench their thirst for objective advice about products and to identify brands that seem to care about forming relationships with them. 

Branded Environments: Are Boutique Stores The Future Of Tech Retail?

google chrome logo

There’s been a lot of buzz this past week about Google and whether they will be opening their own retail stores sometime later this year.  In our view a Google store makes a lot of sense. 

Branded Environments: Ten Technologies Redefining Retail

interactive display

The retail industry is undergoing a transformation of epic proportions.  Two weeks ago, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen of Netscape fame predicted the eventual death of bricks-and-mortar retail in favor of pure play ecommerce.  Reid Hoffman responded with a more balanced view that envisions a world where innovations in software and social media bring the off-line and on-line retail worlds together in an ever more seamless integrated experience.  

Branded Environments: An Amazing 3-D Light Show You Can Jam With

3-D digital mapping cube

Beyonce's half-time show at the SuperBowl last night was breath taking. I'm not just referring to her performance, which was terrific. But also to the amazing special effects and massive video displays that made her live performance feel like a finely edited music video. As millions of us witnessed last night, display technology has reached new hights, opening a world of possibilities for brands looking to engage and amaze their fans in all sorts of brand activations and themed environments.  

Three Ways To Turn Social Media Strategy Into Real Life Engagement -- Fast Company


Companies like Nike, Bonobos and Zappos have figured out how to engage customers not just on-line, but in real life.

Cool Design: The Top Stories Of 2012 - PSFK


We love cool experience design at Hood. And we're drooling over PSFK's roundup of the best design ideas that they discovered in 2012. From the revelation of Steve Job's luxury yacht, to a public library creatd out of a former Wal Mart store, to the new Starbucks retail store design in Amsterdam.  All very inspirational.

TRADE SHOWS: From One Time Events To Year Round Engagement

ces show floor

The trade show industry was on life support just a few years ago.  But, as with so many other industries, technology is rapidly altering the trade show landscape, driving higher levels of customer engagement and increased efficiencies. Here is an excellent update from Forbes that discusses the major shifts that are taking place.

Retail Environments: The Best New Store Designs of 2012

Piccino, Valencia

Retail Week recently published their list of the best new retail store designs of 2012. "At a time when budgets are under pressure, it is reassuring to see that store design does not appear to be falling victim to cutbacks and, where it is, that ways are still being found to fashion interiors and exteriors that continue to appeal."  

Retail Environments: Why Innovation Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

retail innovation

The biggest ideas in marketing belong to fearless and unreasonable people. Here's an excellent piece from Sharon Love, CEO of retail marketing agency TPN, with an interesting perspective on why this is true...and sometimes why it isn't.

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